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Scarefield is a thrash/power metal band inspired by the horror genre, in particular by the colourful and bombastic 80’s horror movies. The music consists of many familiar themes of both speed and thrash metal with additional influences from more modern forms of metal music, such as melodic death metal, as well as classic heavy metal.  

Simone Manuli, the founder of Scarefield reached out from the plains of northern Italy to the frigid north of the arctic circle in northern Sweden where he would come in to contact with vocalist Markus Kristoffersson.

The music, produced by Simone, was co-written and co-composed by the two members, melding their unique styles and influences into an interesting new take on the classic metal styles incorporated.
Self-produced and -written, the music contains massive atmosphere, fast riffs, melodic strings and heavy drums. The vocals are a mix of clean melody and power as well as the harsher death metal style vocals of the modern day. The lyrics contain topics such as personal stories, interesting concepts and of course the aforementioned horror theme!

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